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Eat'n bugs

Hey Denny,

Just wanted to let you know how much my buds and I are enjoying the new format. We've injoyed the magazine in the past, but we are really liking the Prepping/Survival article's you've added to the mag even more. Like all retired LEO's, we like to keep up on the new and cool stuff, but the Prepping/Survival stuff is what we chew the fat about while sitting around the campfire. Whats interesting, my two sons and their wives have become interested in prepping, fearing the way things are in the country and the world. They dont think I'm so crazy anymore. I have turned them onto the magazine. The bug eating article was a "hoot"!!

With the Nov. article about the High-Point carbine, I thought maybe you could do a article about the KelTec SUB-2000 rifle. I've seen some good reviews and they use S&W and Glock magazines. I'm thinking of getting one for the wife which will use Glock 19 mags as to be compatible with my 19.

I still would like to see a article on the Mossberg MVP. They now have the MVP Predator that comes in a 18.5 and 20 inch barrel. This could be a nice alternative to officers in rural and county areas who for whatever reasons cannot carry a AR. Since I dont have a bolt action rifle myself, its on my Christmas list.
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