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I've understood every word and concept from you - I dont agree - therefore you proclaim yourself an elevated thinker. Blah...
No, but an elevated thinker relative to you, as revealed by your incorrect citation of facts as well as erroneous thought on the topic and tangentially related subjects.

For example, your insinuation that you can accurately gauge energy levels of .40 relative to 9mm by the feel of shooting it and therefor conclude .40 is substantially more powerful than 9mm because it has much more muzzle flip/recoil is the most asinine thing I've heard about firearms recently - and I'm in the military, where you hear brilliant stuff from 11B junior enlisted like .50BMG near misses tear limbs off. Telling me they're not in the same energy range when it is well documented on the internet that they are was just.... -_-.

If you're curious how I came to the conclusion I initially touched on, PM but when you consider what I outlined in the body of my post it's clear you're willfully ignorant of the topic at hand and also not well informed on small arms.

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