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Originally Posted by bigminnow
I can see the description because I purchased it but no one else can see it because the auction is closed...
Thank you for showing us the photos.

I performed an eBay advanced search for completed auctions using the keywords Hawken "Pro 550" stock and found the original eBay listing that anyone can see until the ad is deleted:

Thompson Center Pro 550 Hawken 50 Cal. Black Walnut Stock

An advanced eBay search for completed auctions by the same seller [hueyhog1] shows that he recently sold a lot of CVA Frontier carbine parts labeled as "Century Valley Arms" instead of Connecticut Valley Arms. I think that the seller tends to mislabel items simply because he's not familiar with their proper names. Thus I don't believe that his labeling of the Pro 550 Hawken is accurate either.

Here's one of hueyhog1's mislabeled CVA parts ads:

Century Valley Arms , CVA Frontier Carbine 50 Cal. Tang

Here's the hueyhog1 seller's list of completed auctions for the last 15 days.

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