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I'm not making a 'dig' toward you, either, but I tend to agree with Aguila Blanca's interpretation. It does bear a resemblance to the Converse branded "star". If it's only to be recognized by those "in the know", just who are they to be? Members of this Forum, who have followed this thread?

Not so sure that this would be correctly identified and appreciated by supporters of the Second Amendment. Although I'm guessing, even in today's political and sociological environment there's a better than fair chance that everyone over 15 has heard of the 2nd Amendment. Unless they have a direct link to your advertising and/or this thread, I don't see how there will be any recognition.

Unless at least some of the proceeds from sales are funneled to support the Amendment, it is likely to be nothing other than a small fashion exercise on your part, and not so likely to bring much profit. If your goal is to identify a type of secret "fraternity" of sorts, you will again limit those who would have an interest.

I commend you for your ambition and courage to approach such a project, and I hope you don't take my criticism as an offense, because that isn't my desire. I just fail to see the point in creating an unrecognizable logo that caters to such a small group. Even the Shriners, rather secretive in their own right, have internationally recognized symbols which may not be understood, but are still identified as a part of the Organization.

Again, your goal eludes me. Please take no offense, but you asked for opinions....
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