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I hear you! I am 43 and have just gotten back into guns after a long time.

My first gun that I purchased was a Baretta px4 storm! What a thrill it is to buy one for the first time. I wanted 9mm, higher capacity and a safety. I have 2 younger kids and just wanted that. Although my 3 year old son has already watched how i drive and can take the keys, unlock the car and start it! He was just asking about the brake and gas.. thankfully he can't reach the pedals.

I just wanted one gun, but I now have a collection of mine, the ones my Dad has given me and inherited from the mother-in-law so I now have a safe and a number of guns and rifles.

BTW, my wife hates them and freaked when I showed that i was keeping it at our house. She has allowed me to keep them at our vacation house cause its in the woods in MI, but not really at the main house.

Good luck with the gun selection and the wife. Neither is easy.

I like and have some 9mm's:
baretta px4 storm
taurus pt-99 s.s.
caracal F
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