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You have an interesting opinion of doing business in NY.

NY State will not allow someone to just get an FFL and pay the SOT. It's NOT something just any ordinary person can just do.

Here's a site for locating NFA dealers.... none in NY.

Here,, SilencerCo, shows that silencers are illegal in NY, and they are.

A "regular" person can not own one under any circumstances.

Would you say cars were legal in NY if you had to register as a manufacturer to own one? Would that make sense to anyone?

Silencers are NOT legal in NY by any ordinary definition or understanding of the law.

The bill that changed the law to allow manufacturer in NY even included this memo:

This bill would include firearm silencers within the current exemption for manufacture and sale of certain firearms which are otherwise prohibited in New York State, where such weapons are manufactured and sold to various state and local police departments. It would also permit New York manufacturers to repair such weapons.

"Otherwise prohibited in NY"

Silencers are NOT legal in NY.
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