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It is so American, meeting a man in a Coffee shop, and talking guns!

In Canada, don't talk to man next to you, period. England? What is a Glock?

Here in Florida, talk to every one! About anything.

One time worked in a Jewelery store for my Son, he owns a Security Co.

Glock 19 in holster "Oh my God, is that a real gun? Is it loaded?"

She was a Londoner, when I replied to her, in the affirmative, the Husband said "A Scouse with a loaded gun!" An ethnic comment!

People from Liverpool are to be avoided, without guns!

Sat here in my 511 tan pants. And Glock 19, spare G17 Mag, and Surefire.

This is my Birth month, 77 on the 27th, US Citizen, as of last April, 2011.

Great Country this America.
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