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Hey Aguila...not sure if that was a dig or just a general statement about people "trying to pass stuff off as design that makes you ill"....but I'm a seasoned logo & graphic designer with a 10+ years industry experience, a massive portfolio and international clients I am proud of. I take offense to that if it was a dig and assure I would smoke the doors off 90% of the Photoshop hacks these days....and most of those "professionals" who attempt to make a career out of it. Ill back that up 100% too

This was/is a fun side project. Thus the reason I'm "testing" it in here.

It is NOT MEANT to be instantly recognized, in fact thats completely opposite of the goal. As mentioned above, those "in the know" would get it after looking at it for a bit...a quiet and unspoken brotherhood of 2A supporters
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