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The statement is still misleading and backwards.
I was not being backwards or misleading at all. I clearly explained what i meant by the word legal. Are you saying you misunderstood what the words "limit possession and use to the military, police and licensed dealers" meant? I thought I was being very crystal clear. I do not know how I could have said it better.

Would you also claim that driving your automobile on the public roads in NY is also illegal because you need to obtain authorization of the state in the form of a license? Probably not. So why do that same for silencers? An FFL/SOT is available on demand to any adult legal resident who pays the fee/tax, can set up the bare minimum of a store front and can own a firearm. Other than the wait for approval, it can be much cheaper and easier to obtain an FFL /SOT than it is to obtain a car/driver's license.

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