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Both very nice. I have a bodyguard. 38 w/laser and what I do that for. The laser is mounted in such a way that you can't change grips without taking the laser off which I may do. Somebody may make grips for it now I haven't checked lately. With that said I handle the. 38 even +p well overall I like it enough.

I was just about to get the Sp101 in 2"dao then I got a lot of good feedback about the 3" which doesn't come dao which I was will to work with. Then somebody posted a link to charter arms pitbull .40 and I checked it out a shop and I really like the piece, so now I'm all over the place. I know it wont likely be a S&W they cost too much new right now and I wont buy a used gun a big no no in my area. I gotta fire both if I can and then decide.
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