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HK P2000sk holster suggestions?

Just got one of these in 9mm.
It came with a pretty nice Milt Sparks holster, but I like to carry cross-draw and can't really do it with this one.
I have a few questions I hope someone knows the answers to.

1) will a P2000sk fit into a holster for a P2000?
Width is exactly the same according to their specs, but I'm guessing the location of the ejection port would be the critical dimension for retention

2) I saw a post on here where someone got a holster for a Glock 26 and it fit his P2000sk better than the glock. Anyone else have this experience?
Lots of holsters out there for the g26

3) Any suggestions for a small IWB holster which can cant forward (while carrying cross draw) that will fit the HK?
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