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(a) I don't display anything -- ever.

(b) The design is too designy. From any distance or angle, it does NOT say "Second Amendment" or even "2A" to me. Too esoteric, too much emphasis on making it look "slick" rather than making certain the message is clear. What another designer whose work I occasionaly admired used to call the "slick but bad presentation."

In other words, the signal to noise ratio is very poor.

Sorry to seem caustic, but I am a trained designer and most of what I see today trying to pass as "graphic design" makes me ill. One of my bother's pet phrases is "You can't read it going by on the train," and that should be the test for ANY graphic. It should be instantly readable and understandable. If the viewer has to stand there, scratching his head while he struggles to figure out what it says -- it's a fail.
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