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I Can Only Own One For Fun/Self Defense


I am a 42 yr old father of 3 who has never owned a gun and my wife is highly against me having one. I have shot a few different handguns in the past but only a few times. If I can talk her into it, I will surely only be able to own 1 gun for the forseeable future.

My Questions

My main purpose would be for fun (target shooting/blowing off steam at the range) with the secondary purpose of home defense. I am interested in a semi auto pistol for around $500 or less.

So....if I can only own 1 gun for a long time....

What brand for a "beginner" like me would you recommend (ease of use, safety...DA vs. SA or combo, reliability)?
I'm leaning toward a 9mm or 357 (38 special)....what do you think?
Any general advice?
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