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I thought I was finished getting P250 kits. I might have to look a little closer at the 9 mm SC. These things seem to multiply pretty fast if you are not careful.

I do have a few. 9 mm full and compact. .45 full, compact and Sub compact, .40 and .357 in compact only. This was my first venture into the Sub Compacts. I can't for the life of me figure out why I didn't try one sooner. I only have two trigger assemblies. The rest were kits.

Most people that flame the P250 either had a very early model or probably never shot one. There is also the group that never learned trigger control as a part of shooting pistols. The last ones tend to hit the ground in front of the target then complain that the pistol is defective. I also like shooting single action. Double action practice tends to help my ability to shoot single action better.

My interest started after hearing and reading about this kit concept and possibly getting 4 calibers (now 5) and reasonably priced kits to change not only the caliber but size too. Grips that come in small, medium and large. I would not have to ask people if they think the feel with a certain grip might be larger or smaller than the one it came with. I do have the compact .40/.357/9 mm grips in all sizes. I also got the large for the full size .45. A low price makes it even better. I only have one other center fire pistol that is a polymer. I'm kind of new to polymers in general (only a couple of years).

When there is another ammo shortage I should be able to find something on the shelves to fit one of them. I do load 9 mm and .45 as well.

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