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.270 bullet weights

Hey all,

I'm asking the expertise at thefiringline about bullet weights and my favorite cartridge in the medium bore category. I've had great results with 130s in my 700, but the 150s group like a shotgun. Would going to a lighter bullet weight likely result in similar groups to the 130s? I'm looking to stuff it for coyote and varmints (not trying to save pelts) and I would like a round that fragments well with good accuracy. I'm talking stuff like coyotes, so the accuracy doesn't have to be minute of gnat, but it should be better than 4" at 100 yards. I'm getting around 1" groups with 130s at 100 yards, est. I've only shot a few 3-shot groups at around 1/2 inch, so I'm hedging on 1" groups.
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