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Originally Posted by ccwnut
I found one on and would like some opinions on it. It's listed at $358.71, brand new in the box. I've always been preferential to smiautomatics but I've decided to get a snunose revolver as an altrenative. I prefer a .357 over a .38 so I can go with a wider range of ammo choices. So, how does everybody feel about Taurus revolvers (I really can't afford a S&W
of the same size and caliber). Should I go for it or save my money for
something else?
I have eight Taurus® revolvers.
• Mdl 85B2CH 38 Special - 1994
• Mdl 669SS4CP 357 Magnum - 1996
• Mdl 85B2 38 Special - 1997
• Mdl 617SS2 357 Magnum - 2003
• Mdl 605SS3 357 Magnum - 2006
• Mdl 85SS2UL 38 Special - 2007
• Mdl 605SS2 357 Magnum - 2010
• Mdl 425SS2 41 Remington® Magnum - 2012

All have performed superbly and I continue to shoot them all almost every week.

I have only encountered these problems.........
• Mdl 85B2CH broke a firing pin (part# 19) after 11,000+ rounds. I replaced the firing pin & it's still going strong.
• Mdl 85SS2UL had the cylinder stop (part# 44) wear down after 10,000 rounds. Called Taurus® and they shipped the part right away. Installed new cylinder stop and now the gun works fine.

I have zero complaints with Taurus® customer service. The one time I had to send a gun in they fixed and returned it when they said they would. Specifically.....................
• Mdl 617 developed excessive cylinder to forcing cone gap (.011") after almost 6,000 rounds. I sent it to Taurus® and they replaced the cylinder (part# eight and adjusted the yoke [part# 9]) I've since put 3,000+ rounds through it and it's still going strong.

Taurus® is the only gun manufacturer that warrants the firearm; and not the original purchaser. You could be the 50th owner of a used Taurus® (1977 or later), or Rossi® (1999 or later); and you have a lifetime warranty. No other firearm manufacturer offers this, NONE!

I will not hesitate to buy additional Taurus® revolvers. They are an outstanding value.
Here is a wealth of Taurus® information..........

Taurus Firearms Forum -
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