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I'm saying the fact that you're willing to use that as "proof" of the .40's huge superiority in actual gunfights is ridiculous. Just like your example of your larger Glock .40 shooting better than your smaller Kahr 9mm is also ridiculous.
I'm not saying its proof, but it sure paints a pretty clear picture of its potential compared to the others with all other things being equal.

And no, its not ridiculous, its an example of both rounds being well-matched to their pistols.
I do shoot the 40 G27 faster and more accurately than the 9mm PM9 - its mostly a factor of the larger gun, shorter trigger, and overall design, not the round in any way.
And it’s a clear example of how a pistol of certain physical size and weight (varies by user) can manage the 40 as well or better than a smaller 9mm pistol.
In other words - for me, the PM40 isnt a good match of round and pistol. Which was the OP's main question in this thread after all.

The short version is that 9mm and .40 S&W fall into the same energy range.
No. No they don’t.
You sound silly, as if you've never shot a 40.
The 40 and 45 have basically the same energy, the 40 has more in some cases.
Have you ever heard someone say that the 9mm and 45 fall into the same energy range?
Go try to sell that 9mm-has-the-same-energy nonsense to the 1911 crowd... Boo Hiss.

Energy is a numerical value easily calculated and also falls into the category of data unlike your gel photo which falls into the category of interpretive conjecture.
Good Grief... look at the photo man! The numbers you seek are to the left of the gel image.
Proof-positive your not paying attention and just waiting for your turn to talk (argue) instead of genuinely conversing.

Actually I invited you to go find and compare energy levels of common loadings...
What? I brought you a picture with numerical data along with nicely done damage photos, I invite you to find better info and bring it here smart guy.

Really..can we be done with this? I think we can all agree that the PM9 is probably right pick, instead of the PM40.
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