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Scorch - Is that the one you've been using for some 30 years? The 223, 243, 270 & 338 win mag are Ruger 77's, I like them too. The 3006 is a 7400 engraved Buckmaster unfired since new some 14 years ago. I was keeping it for the eventual elk run or where-ever it would fit the occaison. Don't really care for the 06 though but it is eye candy. Guess thats why it's still here. So maybe the better plan would be to keep the Spanish 7 for 4th of July blending with the fireworks and look into another MKII. Gotta admit, I don't mind if the weather changes when I have a stainless/composite stocked 77 with me. It always cleans up very nice afterwards.
Darn...the thoughts continue...
Thanks Scorch
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