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Ahoy 45 Aficiando,

The following is what I wrote about the AMT BACKUP 45 in February of this year:

"After researching and hearing all the bad news about the AMT 45 BACK UP, I took a chance on a like-new condition one, on sale for $250.

Before shooting a single cartridge I disassembled (taking pics along the way to refresh my memory for re-assembly) the pistol completely. I found the internals in machined rough condition. Polished and buffed every single part...everything...very carefully. The hammer assembly is the worst, a real swine, but must be disassembled and thoroughly fluffed and buffed. This was time consuming, but when finished, the action becomes as smooth as a hot knife passing thru soft butter, with a silky, consistent, firm trigger pull. Very slick.

The owner must, in effect, re-manufacture the pistol, then keep it clean and well lubed. 100% flawless function.

Amazing how accurate these little AMT 45 BACK UPs are, 3/4" groups doable at CCW distances, and how well they handle the recoil of the 45 ACP cartridge. Mostly use for ankle carry, on occasion pocket or IWB (requires wide strong belt).

Only problem are the grip screws, they must be tightened after every range session, as they come loose. Lost one."

PS: I prefer to carry it on the ankle...its a tad too small for IWB, OWB or shoulder holster. Sometimes I carry it in a jacket pocket. Have considered picking up an XDS 45, but its larger, and the AMT is such a good shooter its kinda grown on me.
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