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It is a five-screw, with a 5 inch barrel. It is NOT marked for the model number, but it does have the serial number, of course--V80XXX. (PM me for the rest of the number, if you have some research results.)

Here is my dilemma--it is about 80-85%, with a good amount of bluing wear. I want to send it back to Smith and Wesson for a good re-bluing. However, some of the people I have spoken to say that it's worth a LOT of money.
That SN is wrong for the said gun. If you are right in identification, it must have a "S" prefix. You need to check the butt for the SN, not the yoke in that era. If it has no letter prefix, than its either a registered magnum, or a pre war 357 magnum model.

Refinishing would be a bad idea. Its better to save your money towards a better one. If the gun has sentimental value, best to leave it alone IMO. You could put the money saved towards a clean one, which are nearly always over $800.
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