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James K
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Like the Remington Nylon 66, those little Brownings feed from a magazine in the stock and the cartridge is literally thrown into the chamber. If the crimp in the inner magazine tube (#29) failed, the follower would end up in the chamber.

But, if that happened, the inner magazine tube should have a spring sticking out of it, since there is no follower to keep it in. So remove the inner magazine tube and look at it. If there is a "bullet" shaped piece of steel sticking out the front, it would seem to be OK and the piece you have is an extra follower that somehow ended up in the gun. If the follower in not in the tube, then the extra piece is the follower and needs to be put back in the tube and the tube crimped to hold it in.

The spring should have a tight coil or two at the front, which spring over the small "knob" at the rear of the follower and make an assembly so that the follower won't come free from the spring.

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