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I can't say why CZ ended up where they did on my P-01, but I'm glad they did. It is distinctly better in form and fit. Compared to others like XD and Glock- those just don't get me excited. Yes the G-34 is better at distance for targets. That is not the goal in this post. You wrap the hand on a P-01, feel it's heft, and feel the secure fit in the grip, and it just works right. I have and shoot XD's and Glocks for various reasons, but the fit of the CZ is quite better in my hand. If I was limited to just one 9mm, it would be the CZ P-01.
Despite my other posts about certain ammo, I do maintain this is the 9mm of choice for carry. I just have to do my part in making sure I don't load it up with an assortment of oddball ammo. As I said in a different post, my choice of a couple different brands of premium +P work just fine while assorted cheaper ammo did get stuck in the magazines. In the back of my mind, I do recall another post suggesting a magazine spring change. I may or may not do that.

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