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Picture it; you come up to a table at the gun show and see two revolvers. One is a S&W 66-1 SS 4" in really clean and tight condition at $500. The other is a S&W 27-2 3" nicely blued and equally tight at $800. You only have $800 in the world and must choose. Which will it be???
I wouldn't buy either one. If forced to get a K-frame Magnum it would be a M19. There's no way I would pay that much for a cut down M27-2. Why someone would take 1/2" off the barrel is beyond me but I wouldn't be interested in the reduced performance and muzzle flash from that short a magnum. Of course if it was the original 3-1/2" barrel that someone measured incorrectly and labeled wrong the 27-2 would be my choice of the two mentioned. (smile)


PS: The best choice for a 357 of that general size is the L-frame, of course.
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