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I'm paying attention to what you're saying: you're saying the .40 is a much better round as far as terminal ballistics than the 9mm and you keep using that photo to "prove" it.

I'm not critizising the gel per se; I'm saying the fact that you're willing to use that as "proof" of the .40's huge superiority in actual gunfights is ridiculous. Just like your example of your larger Glock .40 shooting better than your smaller Kahr 9mm is also ridiculous.

I'll say this yet again: I'm not arguing the .40 is the exact same as the 9mm; I'm arguing that they're a lot closer than you think as far as their real-world effectness.

I work with a guy who is a firearms expert, trainer, and IPSC shooter who regularly trains with and is personal friends with Massad Ayoob, and he puts it best when he talks about the 9mm vs the .40 vs the .45; he says, "They all pretty much suck, so pick the one where you can put the most rounds on target accurately and as quickly as possible."
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