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So I have all of my equipment and have been working very slowly towards making my first real live round. I have encountered issues....

Today's priority was to get all of my dies set in correctly, and to make a bullet (minus primer and powder) which measured at the correct length.

1- Lube case
2- Place in shell holder, run up and knock out the primer
3- Pull case out, wonder why the old primer is stuck in the "holder thing" and not falling into the tube.
4- Use chamfer tool and remove crimp from military case (just to get practice)
5- Skip to bullet placement die (is that what it's called?), screw around with it trying to get bullets + case to equal the correct overall correct length.
6- Measure each case + bullet and work towards getting the right length.
7- Realize that each round, the shoulder (near the bullet) is getting smashed, creating a lip on the case.
8- Call Dennis and Titan Reloading (where I bought the Lee Equipment).
9- Dennis says my depriming pin isn't set right, so it's not pushing the old primers out far enough. He also says I need to experiment (he explained it in detail) with the bullet placement die so I get the overall correct length and don't over crimp. Basically I just have it set wrong.
10- Give up for the day before I get frustrated.

Once I get this whole thing figured out, I'll start adding powder into the mix and measure the dump from each try. After that I'll move to the next step of creating live round.

SLOWLY but surely.
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