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And in actual real-world shootings the .40 has proven to be only slightly more effective...This is not something I've come up with on my own, this is the consensus of firearms experts the world over.
I'm from Missouri - Show Me this "consensus".
I keep hearing about how 9mm generates the same results as the other calibers, but I see no data, no quotes from these experts. Again.. nothing, nada, zip, zilch.
The way some of you carry on about a 9mm being equally effective makes me wonder if any of you have actually shot a 40 at anything but paper?
Lastly, "equally effective" or "slightly more effective" doesn’t mean the bad guy died 3 hours later at the hospital from a 9mm vs being dropped on the spot by a 40, 45 or 357sig.
The (death) result may eventually be the same amongst all calibers, I want to know about immediate effectiveness.

If a round's purpose was to make the largest wound channel in gelatin, then yes, the .40 would be much better than the 9mm.
Stop criticizing the gel... Gelatin results are as good as it gets for 9mm fans... its downhill from there after considering barriers.

Gelatin provides a good baseline of what a round can do to a media that is similar in density to a human.
Add a few bones, add some clothing, add anything to impede the bullets progress and the 40, 45 & 357sig really start to shine above and beyond the 9mm.

But when you say that photo proves the .40 is far better than the 9mm, or when you say "shootability" isn't an issue because your larger Glock .40 shoots better than your smaller Kahr 9mm, you're just using ridiculous arguments.
Your either not paying attention, or not reading me correctly, or both.
I'm saying that the 40 is the way to go in pistols larger than the Kahrs - simple as that - I'm not saying that the 40 is the right pick for all pistols or shooters.

I don’t think that a Kahr PM40 is a better choice than a PM9, just the opposite in fact.
The PM40 truly is too small (for me) to happily practice with enough to be as sharp as I am with the PM9.
Move up a size to the G27, and yes.. 40 is the right choice for me in that size pistol on up.
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