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The first handgun I bought was a 4" SS Security Six. That was in 1976. I had really wanted a S&W M-66 but could neither find nor afford one. So, I "settled" for the Ruger. I still have it and it has had thousands of rounds through it that ranged from puny .38 target ammo to heavy .357 handloads. It has always been accurate and reliable. The action has gotten better and better over the years. The modular construction that allows it to be easily stripped down for cleaning and solid frame make for a revolver that was more advanced than the comparable S&W or Colt. It is the one I would keep if I could only have one handgun...You had some unbelievable luck with that. I would have had to pay that person something for it or given them a gift...If nothing else, I would give them the $50 or whatever the buy back program was paying.
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