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In my town there is a alley that runs between a pizza place and a movie theater... As a teen in the late 70's I would always cut through the alley when going over to the movie theater. One night as I walked about 15 feet into the alley, i stopped. Something didnt feel right and it wasnt anything that I could put my finger on. Purhaps it was an absense of something, absense of sound maybe. It seemed oddly quiet but I wasnt sure it was even that at all, just a feeling. I had a am/fm radio to my head and couldnt really hear anyway but I stood there a few seconds more then turned and walked the long way aound. Later that night ( in the alley) a guy was robbed of his wallet and jacket by a unknown male that was never found. A rather dim light that was normally on all night- above the rear door of the pizza place was broken and thats where the robbery occured. I think the added darkenss was what I picked up on but it didnt really register due to it being such a subtle difference. I could have just shrugged my shoulders and walked down the alley but I didnt. I followed my gut instinct about the situation and didnt try to convince myself otherwise.
This is scary. Thanks for sharin. I feel like perception may not always involve sight and hearing..
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