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Out of the two, the LCP is much more versatile. I own a LCP and the gun can go with you virtually any where or any time no matter what you are wearing. If you have a pocket, the gun will fit in it and won't be seen.

For a short sighted gun, it is surprisingly very accurate and mine has been 100% reliable not matter what type of ammo I've put through it.

Now, the .380 is by no means a hand cannon but it can be a handful when shooting the LCP. Not out of control but it is a bit surprising the first time you shoot it.

As far as the LCR, a snub nose is a classic CCW gun. I don't own a LCR but I do have a S&W 637 and while it is easy to conceal and carry, I don't find that it is a true pocket pistol and during really hot weather, I opt for the LCP.

I guess at this point, I'd suggest that if you are only going to buy one CCW gun, the LCP gives you more options for the buck.
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