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RELOADING- The hobby for the OCD.

lol welcome to the club Mr. Pond. We have jackets but we had to finance them bc we put our money else where..

Sometimes you have to get creative. For instance I made my own wet tumbler for about 130$ that uses stainless steel (included in price) and it cleans EVERYTHING, primer pocket and inside the case super shiny like.

I went with a cheaper press... Lee turret which will allow me to do both pistol rounds and rifle round (.308 and smaller, which is what works for me).

My scale is a cheap digital Frankfort I think its called. Works great.
Cheapest trimming tools available etc.

Sometimes you have to lower your expectations and really evaluate whats necessary otherwise you'll go nuts eventually.All that being said, My rifle went from shooting just under 1MOA to a .5" grouper. On a good day with some luck I get into the .3" range. So the cheap stuff works too! You don't have to skip steps, in fact I encourage you not to, just find a more economical way to go about it. Think smarter not harder kind of deal?

Plus the less you can manage to spend on equipment the more powder, primers, bullets etc you can buy to actually assemble rounds.
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