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Hornady L-N-L pawl adjustment for indexing

This press is new - I have had it about 6 weeks or so.

Anyway, on the downstroke, the press indexing often does not go far enough to the right (clockwise movement) so that detent ball in the shellholder clincks into place.

This is somewhat inconsistent. When the arm is released quickly, the indexing usually works well and most of the problem appears to ocurr during a slower release of the ram arm.

During the first week, I busted two pawls, so I'm more careful now if anything starts to jam.

According to Hornady Customer Service, "the starting point for the adjustement is to screw each indexing pawl down 100% and back it out 1.5 turns. If any additional adjustment is needed, move the pawl adjustment screw by 1/16th turn."

I have adjusted both pawls by more than 1/2 turn and the indexing on the downstroke does not appear to advance any further.

Question: Does the right pawl or left pawl adjust the indexing on the downstroke? Do I need to crank the pawl adjustment screw more, say 1 or 2 full turns?

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