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Believe me guys, what you wrote makes sense and again there is a little risk involved...but its a calculated risk and I am optimistic for this gun.

Also, I think I already made a post on here somewhere that I am 1-1 right now with Taurus. Bought 2 revolvers in my lifetime....a 6" model 66 and an Ultralight .357 magnum. One turned into garbage and eventually the cylinder seized up on me (the model 66) while the other turned out to be one of the best snubby's I ever owned. I actually traded it towards my Glock26. I miss it, would have kept it if I had the money at the time.

So, I owe it to myself and anyone else who wants to see the results to put Taurus to the test once again. Now, obviously this is apples to oranges (semi vs revolver). I just REALLY want to see them improve by making a better name for themselves (kinda like Hyundai) and I think this gun finally nailed the mark.

We shall see....stay tuned....
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