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Call the police first and stay on the line. It documents that you were trying to do the right thing and may be in fear of your life.

Gramps might get there first but he isn't paid to get shot for you despite that he might want to save you.

You get the gun and hunker down. Tell the law you are scared about an ongoing break-in.

You have no idea how it will go down with Gramps. Maybe he gets shot, maybe he shoots the wrong guy. Let the law do that.

+1 w/ GEM

lol @ Mark J

Miami, FL..we have a ton of home invasions here. They knock...wait, no answer. You have a B & E, home invasion, robbery, and God forbid anyone is home.

Crazy coming up? No...but my gun is on me 24/7 when I'm home. I stay in jeans perfectly comfortable all day long until I sleep. Mowing the law, gun at 4:00, bathroom it's with me, shower it sits on the toilet. Always on my person no matter where I am at home. When I sleep my G21 comes out and sits on my night stand. That is if I don't just keep my CCW on the night watch.

You did ok..911 is your best bet on the record. If he had done something somewhere else. You had a description and possibly in the same area. Maybe someone else called cause he knocked. Never know.

Finally...maybe he just wanted sugar?
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