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Additionally, I am not just sitting in front of 40 boxes of ammo and blasting it off hastily just to get through it. I am constantly improving my accuracy, learning new shooting techniques including FAST drills...and basically I love to shoot so this is a true labor of love. And...if it can be used as a learning tool for those after me than thats a great free service! Hopefully you can see the other end of the spectrum and understand there are huge benefits to this challenge, for myself and others.
I did the same thing with a S&W SW9VE Sigma. 2000 rounds later it still shoot great if not better. In the end though, I wish I'd have bought a Glock 17 or an S&W M&P9. I shoot those much better. TBS, the Sigma did make me a better shot. i hope so after 2K.

What if you get to the 1,999th round and it break's. You send in on your dime and wait, either they fix it, or replace it. Now what? You have $700-900 "wasted" in it. Now what, sell it?LOL

Have fun and good luck.
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