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Gaerek you are absolutely right from a financial standpoint and yes this is basically a test trial with a relatively new there is a risk involved. But, without this type of testing how do people make informed decisions?

Now, the gun has been out for about 2-3 years now and I did a TON of homework on it before I bought it. Read countless reviews, many were stellar. This gun has maintained a fairly consistent rep of being a quality gun in the 9mm series...specially for the price....and I'm testing it to be sure. I didnt buy a piece of crap just to trash it on YouTube & website forums and waste money, I dont have that type of disposable income. I typically burn through 1000-1500 rounds in 2 months so its just a little above my normal budget.

Additionally, I am not just sitting in front of 40 boxes of ammo and blasting it off hastily just to get through it. I am constantly improving my accuracy, learning new shooting techniques including FAST drills...and basically I love to shoot so this is a true labor of love. And...if it can be used as a learning tool for those after me than thats a great free service! Hopefully you can see the other end of the spectrum and understand there are huge benefits to this challenge, for myself and others.

So far, I LOVE this gun!
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