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There's a lot you don't understand.

Originally Posted by younggunz4life
would if the person involved is an offduty officer? they follow the same laws. why on the news does it show in FL an offduty cop pulling a gun on a felon to stop a robbery?
An off-duty police officer is still a police officer. In most states, off-duty police officers are regarded as peace officers 24/7/365. They don't revert to being non-LEOs when they go off shift. They still have power of arrest. In a great many states and jurisdictions, department rules in fact require officers to carry when off-duty.

also, brandishing and drawing a firearm are two different things(I think...I might be wrong about that but basically you do NOT brandish a weapon unless it is being used - you do not use a weapon to intimidate or scare someone but that doesn't mean a weapon must be fired if it is drawn).
Brandishing a weapon is using it to intimidate. Actually drawing and firing a firearm is NOT brandishing. In most states, displaying a handgun as a direct response to a threat is also not brandishing, whereas flashing a handgun because you're losing an argument and you want the other person to know you're a big dawg IS brandishing. But ... we have 50 states worth of laws, plus Washington, DC, plus Federal law. Different laws may define "brandishing" differently (or not at all). Under some definitions, a handgun must be drawn from the holster in order to constitute brandishing. In other jurisdictions, just pulling back your jacket to display a handgun in a holster or tucked into your waistband could be considered as brandishing.
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