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Just doing some simple math, assuming you got the ammo cheap (say $10 per box of 50), your 2000 round test, even though it's spread over several months, will cost you about $400. Keep in mind, that's a pretty cheap price for ammo, and I'd suspect this will cost closer to $500. I don't know the price of a PT809, but Bud's Gun Shop has them for about $350 each. You're looking at spending $750 just to see if a gun is worthy of being a backup gun. If you decide that gun isn't worthy, and you sell it or trade it in, that's 2k rounds of practice you put into a gun you aren't even going to use.

It seems to me it makes more sense from a financial and practical standpoint that you just pick up a G19 or G26 (or one of the dozens of other "proven" compact 9mm out there), which have a couple decades worth of other people testing, and you are essentially assured to have a good shooter for about $500. Sure, you'll probably go through 2k rounds eventually, but at least it will be through a gun you're almost certainly going to keep, and not one that you need to test first.

It's your money, so I won't tell you what to do. If you're doing this as a public service, well, thank you! I just wanted to comment that I didn't think it made much sense what you're doing. Of course, I am biased against Taurus, so that might have something to do with it.

EDIT: Re-read your second post on this, and saw you already have a G26, and would put it towards a G17 if it doesn't pass. Look at my second paragraph, and insert G17 in place of G19 or G26.
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