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Tatical Stock on a Hunting Gun

Ok Fellas. I am sure of what I want just down to "stock Options"

I am looking to swap two lesser shotguns for one do it all multi functioning shotgun. I am going to go with a mossberg 500 in mossy oak break up.

I want to do all of the following
Slug Barrel with a red dot for deer hunting and bear hunting
20" Turkey Barrel with adjustable fiberoptic sights
standard feild barrel with adjustable choke tubes for waterfowl and small game
18.5 cylender bore for hd

My only hangup is to go with the standard stock or go with the adjustable tatical model with the pistol grip. I see the advantages in adjustability for season with varying clothing but I wander if anyone finds it difficult to hunt birds with such a stock?

Regards, Vermonter
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