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Ruger LSR

The many suggestions for 3" guns are spot on. 3" J-frame, K-frame, SP-101, or even L-frame are good sizes for winter carry, but they tend to be pretty heavy.

They were talking on the Ruger forum about the possibility of a larger carry revolver built like the LCR. Maybe call it LSR for Light Service Revolver.

So instead of a steel framed gun weighing between 23-oz (J-frame M60) to 37-oz, (3" 686+), you could maybe have a K/L-frame sized LSR with a 3-4" barrel, weighing somewhere between 21-oz and 25-oz, depending on whether the cylinder frame is alloy or stainless.

The interesting thing is, with a larger frame and cylinder, they should be able to offer the LSR as a 5-shot .44 Special or .45 ACP, 6 or 7 shot .357/.38, and a 9 or 10 shot .22 Magnum or .22 LR.

I think a lightweight DAO full-size revolver would make a very good house gun and also be excellent for cool weather carry. Ruger has excellent reliability and it would be interesting to see what they could do with the cammed trigger group in a larger frame. Also there's no reason they couldn't build and market them for around $600 list and under $500 street price.

I'd be all over a 22-oz, 10-shot, 4" .22LR with a great trigger for $450. Ditto for a 7-shot, 3" in .38 Special +P if it used an alloy frame. I think the .357 and .44 models might have to use stainless steel in the cylinder frame for strength.

Let's go, Ruger! We love our steel Smiths but if you can make the LSR at half the weight and half the price, I might just have to buy several.
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