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Just wanted to give everyone an update on my 32 mag "dilemma".

2.1 grains of Titegroup under the 83 grain wad cutters made a "phhht" sound when fired. I got real nervous and thought I had a squib. Thankfully I didn't. But the sound of that small load was very disconcerting. Upped the load to 3.2 grains. This load had a much louder report with very manageable recoil. I can probably back off to 3 grains, which should be fine.

10.2 grains of W296 under the 100 grain LRN was a monster. Real loud with a mighty kick. Way too much. Backed down to 9.8 grains. This was much more manageable. My next group of reloads will have 9 grains of W296. I think this will be a good load. But 10.2 gr, whew.

I find it kind of astonishing that the reloadammo site lists a 10.3 gr load of W296 under an 83 gr wad cutter. I know these loads should be taken with a grain of salt, but that is a really big load of magnum powder for such a light bullet.

Gonna pick up a pound of Lil' Gun and give that a try.
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