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panic room, escape plan....

That's not a bad plan but I'd rally every family member in the main or master bedroom then block the access doorway/door. It would be ideal if the room has a seperate door or hatch to the attic-crawlspace to use as an escape route if needed.
Keep in mind how the 2 scumbag killers/robbers in CT had the dad seperate(basement) then killed-raped the females & set the house on fire.
Being away from the family members or standing alone in a narrow hallway could be risky.
Author, sworn LE officer & tactics instructor Massad Ayoob also says to stay together in one area & hunker down until LE gets on scene.
In a home invasion or armed robbery event, I'd rather a bad guy(s) come to me on my terms rather than me go to them.
To run drills or prepare for any possible events(phone down, fire-smoke, injury, weapon malfunction, etc) during a real lethal force event.

I've worked in the security/protective service field for over twenty years & served four years in the US armed forces. I too would set up a home security plan.

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