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Hello RBid,,,

The evening's shooting was an exercise in snap or point shooting,,,
What I determined is that I'm not very good at it as yet.

Next time I try this I will use my S&W Model 34 revolver,,,
This is the handgun I have used the most when practicing point shooting.

The exercise could easily show one of two outcomes:
  • It could show that with practice I can make the "save Jamie Lee" shot.
  • It could show (prove to me) that this is a shot I should never attempt in real life.
I would guess the latter will probably be the real outcome.

But again, it was a fun thing to try,,,

BTW, I bought the complete Kadet pistol rather than the conversion kit,,,
I was flush for cash at the time and decided to buy both the 9mm and .22 versions of the CZ-75B.

I've never regretted that decision at all,,,
It's my second favorite rimfire/centerfire combo.


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