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Posted by Nobby45: Didn't say anything about shooting before they enter.
I apparently misunderstood when I interpreted taking a stand at the door and not letting them get into the house as an intention to use deadly force before they entered.

Just saying that I'd rather not let home invaders get in the house in the first place.
I think everyone would agree with that.

If they are already in, I'm not letting them up the stairs. If they are upstairs, I'd lock myself in my bedroom and guard the door.
I think that everything would depend upon where the invaders should happen to enter and where the defender and other occupants happen to be at the time.

If I am upstairs, I would intend to let the threat come to me if he or she or they should so choose. I cannot cover the stairs safely, however.

If I am downstairs, I have to be consider being confronted by someone coming up through the door to the basement, kicking in the front door, kicking in one of two other doors, or entering from the porch though a window. Getting up the stairs to defend from a bedroom would likely not be safe unless I somehow detected an attempted entry before it happened.
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