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Well, I got mine on sale at the PX at F.E. Warren for $336 out the door (usual price is $366) so that was a pretty good price. The local fun store here in town has one for $420 so I'd say that anywhere between these two prices is what you would be looking at.
As far as magazines go, I have no idea what in thee hell S&W was thinking shipping these pistols with only one magazine?!?!? This pistol is so much fun to shoot that 12 rounds goes through pretty quickly then you are left standing there like some kind of f'ed up Barney Fife pulling ammo out of your pockets to reload the magazine! However, Midway to the rescue in my case. They are out of the 12 round magazines but I did order a couple of the 10 round magazines for $26.99 each.
Now of course I live in a free state so the idea of ordering a 10-round mag sounds pretty silly. However, when you take them apart for cleaning, you will find on the detent plate is a removeable spacer. Remove this and now you have a normal 12-round magazine rather than a nuetered 10-rounder. Now if you live in an oppressed and depressed state and have yet to rent that U-haul for a 1-way trip out of these hell holes, DO NOT think this is an easy way to get around the laws of the state. This is illegal according to the laws of der state and doing this will get you a 1-way trip to their gulag!!! What this limited does do however, is to give the guy living behind the Tofu or Kennedy curtains a way to go back to standard magazine capacity once they make it to the other side of the wire without having to rebuy standard capacity magazines again. It also gives the mentally insane that are moving into these areas (what the F are they thinking! ) the ability of brining their standard capacity magazines into these areas by installing a limiter and thereby nuetering their 12-round capacity magazines down to 10 rounds.
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