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I have a 91/30 I shoot long range that's heavily "re-done" that's sub-moa with takes a ton of work (it's a fun DIY project) to get it there.

OTOH, the K-31 I bought for my younger son is a tack driver...outfitted it with a Bushy 10X tactical. That receiver steel was the toughest I've ever encountered- took a carbide bit to break through the case hardening on every hole for the mount... They're built like a Swiss watch, fantastic fit and finish, unlike the Mosin...

Other son got a M24/47 Mauser. Re-arsenaled, these things are like new.
After a few rounds at 100- sights were dead on- he ramped the sight to 600 meters and took aim at a large truck tire at that distance. Dead center hit with old milsurp ammo on the first try...

Fun stuff... get you some!
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