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the old story about LE agencies not picking it
I've yet to ever hear one single piece of information about WHY the P250 failed the test that folks keep bringing up. The reasons were never disclosed.

Anecdotal evidence from owners indicates that the P250 is a very reliable gun. You just don't see threads like "My P250 won't feed/extract!" Doesn't happen... I've just never seen those threads. The trigger isn't for everybody, but it's probably about the best DAO trigger on the market... if somebody is coming over from revolvers they'll REALLY like it. If a person wants to master the trigger he/she will likely quite like the P250. If a person doesn't, well, that's why they make more than one model of gun... there's likely something else out there that will serve him/her better, and chances are some of us won't like it... that's just fine.
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