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Getting started.

One of the guys here at work wanted to start ML hunting this year, and asked me what he needed to get started. After I told him, he went home last night and ordered the stuff he needed. He just brought the list in this morning, and what a surprise I got.

Rifle $479.99

Bullets & Sabots $21.99 per 30

Blackhorn 209 $31.99 per 10 oz.

Caps #54.99 per 1,000

Scope $149.99

Scope Mount $34.99

Sling $30.99

Flask with measure $69.99

Nipple wrench $12.99

Patches $14.99 per 200

Ramrod cleaning kit $14.99

Canvas carry case $56.99

This all came to $974.88 total, and he still doesn't have a possibles bag, quick-loaders, and some bits and pieces of other stuff that he will want as he goes along. I'm sure he could have made some cheaper choices, but all in all, he came up with what he needed.

I have been accumulating stuff for 40 or so years, and had forgotten just how much money you can spend just getting started. I had been wondering why there seems to be less hunters in the sport in the last several years, and had chalked it up to the economy, but now I can see that it may just be the enormous cost of just getting started in todays market.

When I put a pencil to all the stuff I have, I came up with an embarrassing amount that I have spent over the years. I figure my meat is costing somewhere around $40.00 a pound.

How much do you guys have invested?
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