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Problem with chrome? Is nickel the same?
No, two different processes.

S&W used chrome on the hammers and triggers of some early SS models purely for cosmetic reasons, to better match the stainless finish of the rest of the gun. After experiencing problems with the early guns, S&W changed the chrome plating process, and later stopped using chrome altogether. Recent-production SS Smiths have color case or MIM triggers just like blue or nickel guns.

AFAIK S&W has never used nickel finish on hammers and triggers- in fact, nickel in these areas is widely considered to be the easiest way to spot a refinished nickel S&W.
...would you expect the nickel to be snatched up first?
Generally yes, as collector value is typically higher, but it depends a lot on the condition of the individual gun and what the local collectors are looking for.
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