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Every house is a little bit different.

Sometimes the stairs are good, sometimes the bedroom is better. Or you may have a reinforced closet somewhere.

I still don't like the front door unless you have someone to cover the back door.

Assess your own situation, don't rely on Rambo movies.

Remember; if you only have seconds, but can set up a situation where the BG doesn't have those seconds, you have a big advantage.

If you need a gaurantee, hire a round the clock security team. Or build a steel reinforced room and sleep in it. Otherwise, set up the best scenario your house presents and know you at least have the home team advantage.

If you are attacked by four professional hit men with shotguns. Well; it just wasn't your day. If you get invaded by 1 or 2 amateurs that don't expect you to fight back, then the Bad Guys won't have a very good day. Either way, you did your best.
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