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First Ergonomics are not "obscure". Every handgun has to be held by human hands and ergonomics affect that.

The CZ has several serious design flaws that have prevented it from ever being a major player in the worlds military and police choices. Many of those are ergonomic problems that affect function.
Huh? Isreal is a pretty major player and they had a CZ clone at their side before moving to glocks. If your talking about the US and such the Cold War prevented and western power from adopting them... And the Russian's have always prefered to design their own weapons.

CZ-75 are one of the most cloned and copied designs on the planet. Military and Police forces all over the planet have used the CZ. Put simply it is one of the most successful pistol designs in history..... And for good reason.
Now in 2012 the design is getting long in the tooth and everyone seems to want polymers and striker fired pistols but the CZ-75 is still being produced and it wouldn't be if it wasn't still selling.

Want to bash ergo's look at Glocks... Grip angle is the worst I've ever seen. (I would even prefer the Tokarev's grip angle to the Glunk's)
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